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Hello, I'm Natasha :)

I consider myself a master energy conservationist.  

What does that mean? Well, ever since I can remember, I've always looked for easier ways to do the mundane/annoying things we have to do in life. Like studying, for example. Isn’t it so  much more efficient to read “Roman History for Dummies” the night before an exam, than to spend an entire term listening to Mr Gaberpooch regale his captive audience with the exploits of Romulus & Remus?

Anyway, on one particularly unremarkable afternoon, myself  (a lower back pain sufferer, many years counting) and my husband/business partner (Mark) were struggling to change our king-sized duvet (mainly because he was in the other room eating leftover pizza), we thought to ourselves: "why the 🤬 doesn't this open all way? Couldn’t someone just put a giant zipper around it?!”.

That night, we asked lady Google if she knew of an “easy way to change duvet cover”. She suggested we try Siri, who in turn, asked us to check with Alexa.

The best we could find was a YouTube video showcasing the "Burrito Method" of changing your duvet, which had a staggering 7.9 million views!!! It was obvious to us that this was an issue that resonated with a lot of people! 

Inspired and motivated, I signed up for some sewing classes and found a company in Melbourne that sold very long “invisible zippers”! I tinkered away until I had the perfect design, and then ran straight to the patent office to file some design protection (because I watch a lot of Shark Tank and they yell at you if you don't do that kind of thing before you launch a new product).

Well, that was nearly two years ago.

Fast forward to today... and after a whole lot of ‘setting up a new business’ stuff that I won’t bore you with, we're super, super excited to share Hey Duvet with the world :) 

- Natasha & Mark

 November 2019


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