Design Touches

Design Touches

At first thought, how hard can it be? Take a duvet cover and put a giant zipper on it.

That was exactly our mindset two years ago when we dreamt up this crazy idea. It seemed super straightforward and we didn't know why no one had done it yet. Jackpot!! 

It turns out, things are always a teeny bit more complicated than you expect, and it took a fair bit of tinkering to get things right. 

Here are a few of the design touches we came up with (via good ol' trial and error)

1. No one wants to see a giant zipper, so we hid it under beautiful designer piping

2. No one wants to feel a zipper, so we made sure the zip track doesn't go all the way to the top of the cover (ie the bit you hug)

3. We used a double zipper so that you can open/close your Hey Duvet any way you want

4. We made sure the zipper pulls were big enough to give you a solid grip

5. We made sure the zipper pulls end at your feet when the bed is made up

6. We used really thick elastics for our fitted sheets, because the flimsy ones suck



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